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Wavebid is a comprehensive, cloud-based auction management solution. Designed by auctioneers, for auctioneers. Specializing in efficient and user-friendly cataloging and accounting.

Wavebid's User Manual contains a variety of articles, checklists, and FAQ's organized by topic. Browse through the content available under each topic, or enter a keyword into the Search field to find related content. Below is a list of articles and guides that serve as starting point for learning the Wavebid platform. 

Company Management Guide: Wavebid understands the complexity of managing an auction company and provides users with several tools to help personalize and organize company information in Wavebid. This guide provides links to articles specific to managing company information in Wavebid. 

Auction Checklist: This checklist is intended to be a list of general tasks that may be performed before, during, and after an auction in Wavebid. This checklist provides links to a variety of articles relating to auction management.

Cataloging Guide: Cataloging is one of Wavebid's strongest features, allowing users to create and manage detailed catalogs in a variety of ways, including from their mobile device. This guide provides links to articles relating to cataloging in Wavebid. 

Seller Guide: Wavebid understands the importance of sustaining quality seller/consignor relationships and has several tools to help users maintain seller records, manage commissions, track seller inventory, and issue Seller Settlements. This guide provides links to articles relating to sellers/consignors in Wavebid. 

Invoice Guide: Invoicing is one of Wavebid's strongest features. Wavebid allows users to set various taxes and fees at a  Company and Auction level that are used to automatically create invoices for bidders as lots are clerked. These invoices can be customized prior to being issued to bidders via email or PDF. Invoices can be edited as needed and payments can be applied individually or in bulk. The system also enables users to easily track the payment status of invoices. Invoices are stored in the Wavebid system for the life of a user's account and are an invaluable asset to the accounting process. This guide provides links to articles relating to invoicing in Wavebid. 

Accounting Guide: Wavebid's Accounting features make bookkeeping easy by giving companies the ability to set tax rates, premiums, and fees at both the company and auction level, and by generating a variety of reports for both tax and general accounting purposes. This guide provides links to articles relating to accounting features in Wavebid. 

Integration Guide: Wavebid has partnerships with several third parties to create a seamless flow of information in and out of Wavebid. These partner integrations make it easy to send catalogs to a bidding platform, process payments, email customers, and market events. This guide provides links to articles relating to Wavebid integrations. 

Marketing Guide: Wavebid understands the vital role of Marketing auctions to ensure that auction information reaches a large number of potential bidders. Wavebid has features that allow auction companies to create marketing materials, surveys, and Buyer's Guides directly within Wavebid. Wavebid also provides auction companies with tools for targeting marketing at specific bidders, and setting up email marketing campaigns. This guide provides links to articles relating to marketing auctions through Wavebid. 




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