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Invoicing is one of Wavebid's strongest features. Wavebid allows users to set various taxes, fees, and premiums at a Company and Auction level that are used to automatically create invoices for bidders as lots are clerked or when post sale data is imported. These invoices can be customized prior to being issued to bidders via email or PDF. Invoices can be edited as needed and payments can be applied individually or in bulk. The system also enables users to easily track the payment status of invoices. Invoices are stored in the Wavebid system for the life of a user's account and are an invaluable asset to the accounting process.

Below is a list of articles pertaining to invoicing on Wavebid, along with a brief description of each article. If further assistance is needed with invoicing, please contact

  • Invoice Templates: This article discusses the difference between Company Level and Auction Level Invoice Templates, and how to create and manage Invoice Templates.
  • Invoice Settings: This article provides more specific information on the various Invoice Template settings. This article describes the impact that each of the various Invoice Settings will have on an auction's Invoices, as well as information on how an invoices can be customized.
  • Emailing Invoices: Wavebid's email feature allows users to email a PDF copy of invoices out to winning bidders after an auction. This article describes the process for creating and managing Invoice email templates, as well as the process for sending invoices via email, and adding a 'Pay Now' button to emailed invoices.
  • Invoices Page: This article describes processes for managing invoices from the Invoice page in Wavebid, including changing the view of invoices on the page, refreshing invoices, and color coding invoices in order to more easily track which ones have been paid.
  • Invoices: This article contains basic information about invoices in Wavebid, including how invoices are generated, how and when to edit invoices, how to move lots to a new invoice, how to print invoices, and how to utilize the invoice Notes field.
  • Invoice Shipping Address: By default, Wavebid invoices only display the bidder's billing address, but the bidder's shipping address can be added. This article describes the steps for updating the auction settings and then applying a shipping status so that a bidder's shipping address appears on their invoice.
  • Invoice Refunds and Discounts: This article describes the process for issuing refunds on an invoice and for applying discounts to a paid invoice.
  • Payments: This article describes the processing for applying payments to an invoice, deleting payments from an invoice, and creating additional payment methods that can be applied to invoices.
  • Bulk Update Invoices as Paid: This article describes the process for marking a large number of invoices as "Paid" all at once.
  • Reports and Lists: This article describes reports and lists available to users in Wavebid at both the company and auction level.
  • International Wavebid Features: This article provides a list of features, including VAT, available to auction companies using Wavebid outside the United States. 


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