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This article describes the process for moving photos within a lot or between lots, as well as the photo editing options available in Wavebid. For information about adding a watermark to photos, see Watermarking Photos. To learn more about uploading photos, see Uploading Photos. Visit this article for information about downloading photos from an auction. For information about managing photos on the Wavebid app, see Wavebid Mobile.

Move Photos

Edit Photos


Move Photos                                                                                            

  1. Navigate to the appropriate auction on the Dashboard and select Photos > Manage Photos.                          PhotosManagePhotosMenu.JPG
  2. Select a batch of photos to work with from the Select Batch drop-down menu in the top right or select All. (A new batch is generated each time photos are uploaded to Wavebid.)
  3. To change the order of photos within a lot, drag them to new positions until they are in the proper order.
  4. Dragging can also be used to move photos to other lots. To move multiple photos at once, check the box in the top left corner of each photo to be moved. 
  5. Click the Move button in the top right.                  MoveMultiplePhotostoOtherLot.JPG
  6. Enter the new lot number into the Enter in Lot Number field. Enter "Gallery" to move the photos to the Gallery Lot. Gallery Lots can be exported to Auction Services, but will not be exported to any bidding platforms.                                                             MoveImagestoOtherLot.JPG
  7. Click the Ok button.


Edit Photos                                                                                             

Clicking on any photo in a lot will reveal multiple editing options below the photo:                                                                                                   PhotoEditOptions.JPG

  • The Counter-clockwise icon will rotate the image counter-clockwise. (This can also be done with the Photo Editor).
  • The Trashcan icon will delete the image.
  • The Clockwise icon will rotate the image clockwise. (This can also be done with the Photo Editor).
  • The Move icon (two horizontal arrows) will move the image and every image appearing after it in the lot to the newly designated lot. After clicking the icon, a pop-up window will appear. Enter the new lot number into the Enter in lot number field and click the Move Image(s) button.
  • The Copy icon will create a duplicate of the image within the same lot. 
  • This Pencil icon will open the Photo Editor in a new window.                                                                                  PhotoEditorOptions2.JPG       
    • From here the image can be rotated or cropped. Click the Crop button and drag the cursor to resize the image. Click the Apply button to apply the changes. 
    • Brightness and Contrast can be adjusted by sliding the switch right or left.
    • Clicking the Reset button will revert the photo back to its original state.
    • Click the Save button to save changes. 
  • The Barcode icon determines whether or not the image is treated as a barcode. Images marked as barcodes will have a small Barcode icon in the bottom right corner, and will not export with the rest of the auction. While this feature is primarily used with the Barcode photo upload system, it can also be used to "hide" any photos or attachments that need to be referenced in Wavebid, but should not appear on the bidding platform. For more information on barcodes, see Uploading Photos.
    • Images of barcodes should automatically be marked as being barcodes and should have the Barcode icon in the lower right corner.                                                                                                        PhotoEditorSetBarcode.JPG
  • Clicking on the Full-size icon (four arrows) will display the image in full screen mode.
  • Hovering over the Information icon will display the image file's name and the date and time it was uploaded.



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