Company Preferences

Setting default company preferences for accounting/clerking saves time when you create new auctions. Follow the steps listed below to customize your company preferences.


1. Start at the dashboard. Go to My Links > Company > Profile. 

2. Scroll down and click on the Preferences tab.

3. You will notice that a lot of these preferences look like those displayed under Auction > Edit Settings. This is because here you can set your default company settings, and each new auction will automatically start with these settings. However, you can edit them on a per auction basis by simply changing the information in Auction > Edit Settings. 

Under the New Auction Default tab on the left, set default auction premiums, fees and tax codes (including the Goods and Services Tax), and default starting bid if applicable. (Note: You will still be able to edit individual auction preferences by going to Auction > Edit Settings from the dashboard and clicking on the Preferences tab.) Some notes on these fields: 

  • You cannot have both a Convenience Fee and a CC Premium. The CC Premium applies only to the hammer price. The Convenience fee applies to the hammer price+any other buyers premium+taxes, if applicable.

4. Under the Invoices tab, decide whether you want to include the item descriptions and/ or locations on the invoice, and how many copies of each invoice you would like to automatically print (e.g., some people prefer 2 for record-keeping). 

You can input default Invoice Header, Footer, Intro and Ending Paragraphs. Select your payment Gateway from the drop-down at the bottom, and whether you would like a "Pay Now" option on invoice emails so that buyers that receive an invoice email can pay directly through that invoice by credit card. 

Some suggestions based on what we’ve seen from many of our users:

  • Suggested header might include your company name.
  • Suggested footer might include contact information.
  • Suggested intro paragraph might include promoting an upcoming auction.
  • Suggested ending paragraph might summarize terms and conditions.

If you reorganized your lots from their original inventory number, it may be useful to hide that number to avoid buyer confusion. You can check that box to do so.

Choose your Default Email Template for Invoices.

5. Under the Seller Invoice tab you can choose default settings for Seller Invoices. Choose whether you want to hide any unsold items, expenses and payments tables, or RNM items. 

6. If you are using online checkout for your online buyers, you can set your company default invoice questions/ answers under Online Checkout.


7. When you have completed setting company preferences, remember to press Save in the upper right! 


Congratulations! You’ve set your default company preferences for accounting and clerking. Remember that each of these can be edited on an individual auction basis. 

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