Inventory Workspaces

This article describes the functionality of Inventory workspaces and provides information on cataloging within them.

For information on using an Inventory workspace to market real estate, see Wavebid Plugin: Asset/Real Estate Listings.

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About Inventory Workspaces

Wavebid offers Inventory workspaces that can be used to house and catalog inventory until it is ready to be moved into an Auction workspace.

Using an Inventory workspace is completely optional. Lots can be cataloged in an Inventory workspace and then moved to an Auction workspace, or they can be cataloged directly in an Auction workspace.

Additionally, cataloging can be done in an Inventory workspace via Wavebid Mobile just as it can be done with an Auction workspace.


Inventory workspaces function in many of the same ways as Auction workspaces, however there are some key differences:

  • Inventory workspaces are just used for cataloging, so they do not contain any Accounting features.
  • There is no way to clerk items directly within an Inventory workspace.
  • No reporting is offered on Inventory lots. 
  • Inventory workspaces themselves cannot moved or be turned into Auction workspaces. It is the lots within the Inventory workspace that are moved
  • Inventory workspaces cannot be exported.

Users who do not already have access to the Inventory feature in Wavebid should contact about having it added.


Creating an Inventory Workspace

To create a new Inventory workspace, click on the New Inventory button located in the top right corner of the Wavebid Dashboard. If this button is not visible, please contact


Enter the Inventory details and then click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to ensure changes are saved. The fields available for creating a new Inventory workspace are very similar to those that are available for creating a new Auction workspace. For more information, see Create an Auction.

Please note, while an Inventory Software can be selected, and an Auction ID can be entered for the bidding platform, Inventory workspaces cannot be exported. The lots in the Inventory will need to be moved to an Auction workspace before they can be exported to bidding platform.


Once an Inventory workspace has been created, it can be accessed by clicking on the Inventory tab on the Wavebid Dashboard.



Creating Inventory Lots

Once an Inventory workspace has been created, lots can be added to the space. Inventory lots are created in the same way as any other lot.

  1. Navigate to the Inventory workspace and select Catalogs > Lot Builder
  2. Enter the Lot Number. This field accepts letters and numbers up to 10 characters. This is a required field.
    • Lot numbers cannot contain spaces. 
  3. Enter the Lot Name/Title. For example, this may be the address of the real estate listing. This field has a 100-character limit. This field is not HTML optimized, so characters in this field cannot be bolded, italicized, etc.
  4. Enter a Description. This field is fully HTML optimized, so text can be bolded, sizing can be changed, and paragraphs can be formatted, etc.
    • Hyperlinks can also be pasted into this field.
  5. Click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to save.

For additional information on creating lots, see Lot Builder

Auction Attributes can be used to add fields to Lot builder. For more information, see the 'Auction Attributes Tab' section of the Auction Settings help article.

For information on uploading photos of lots, see Uploading Photos.


Assigning Sellers to Inventory Lots

I order to assign sellers to inventory lots, the attribute must first be enabled in the Inventory workspace. 

  1. Navigate the inventory workspace, then select Inventory > Edit Settings.
  2. Under the Auction Attributes tab (or Adv. Attribute Settings tab), check the box to the right of the Assign seller(s) to lots attribute.
  3. Click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to Save.

Once the attribute is enabled, a Seller field will be listed under the Lot Details tab in Lot Builder. Seller codes can be added to the Seller field, however, sellers cannot be checked in to Inventory workspaces. Once the lots are moved to an auction workspace, the sellers can be checked in.


Moving Lots to an Auction

Lots can be moved out of an Inventory workspace and into an Auction workspace at any time. The Auction workspace will need to be created before lots can be moved into it. For steps on moving lots to an Auction workspace, see Move/Copy Lots to Another Auction.

  • Lots within an Inventory workspace cannot be copied into an Auction workspace, they can only be moved.
  • Lots from an Auction workspace can be copied into an Inventory workspace.

Inventory workspaces themselves cannot moved or be turned into Auction workspaces. It is the lots within the Inventory workspace that are moved. 



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