Lot History

The Lot History feature is useful page that shows how many times a lot has been moved, and where it has been moved (or copied) to. This article describes the process for using this feature to track a lot's history.

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Viewing a Lot's History

  1. To view the Lot History page for an auction, navigate to the applicable auction on the Dashboard and select Current Auction > Catalogs > Lot History.        
  2. Click on the Date from and Date to fields to use the calendar tool to select dates, or select the current lot number from the Lot Number drop-down. (The Auction field should populate automatically.) LotHistoryDateFields.JPG   OrLotHistoryLotNumberField.JPG
  3. Click the Search button to the right. LotHistorySearchButton.JPG
  4. The history information for the selected lots will display. LotHistory.JPG
  5. Users can choose to view fewer columns by clicking the Columns button on the right side of the screen. Click on the column titles to add or remove them from view. 
  6. Click the Export button on the right side to export and/or print the report. 


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