Lot Builder

Lot Builder is Wavebid's powerful lot editing and management tool that tracks multitudes of information about lots or inventory. This article describes the process for creating and managing lots using Lot Builder. For information on changing lot details in bulk, see Lot Bulk Actions.

Understanding Lot Builder

Creating Lots

Selecting Lot Categories

Managing Lots


Understanding Lot Builder                                                                      

The options available in Lot Builder are based on the selections made on the auction's Auction Attributes or Adv. Auction Settings tab. To learn more about Auction Attributes, see Auction Settings.

Lot Builder can be accessed by navigating to the appropriate auction on the Dashboard and then selecting Catalogs > Lot Builder.


Creating Lots                                                                                            

Lot Fields

Lot Number- Enter a lot number. This field accepts letters and numbers up to 10 characters. This is a required field. 

Lot Name/Title- Enter a lot name or title. This field has a 100-character limit. This field is not HTML optimized so characters in this field cannot be bolded, italicized, etc.

Company Category- If desired, select a company category from the drop-down menu. Please note that company categories will not be accepted by any of Wavebid's partner platforms. Options in this drop-down are those entered under My Links > Company > Cataloging Settings > Company Categories.

Category- See Selecting Lot Categories

Description- Enter text to describe the lot. This field is fully HTML optimized so text can be bolded, sizing can be changed, and paragraphs can be formatted, etc. Hyperlinks can also be pasted into this field.

To learn how category choices can be used to automatically populate the Description field, see Category Meta-Data. To learn how to automatically populate this field with VIN or UPC information, see UPC and VIN Lookup.

Additional Description- Any additional description information can be entered into this field.  This field has the same functions and capabilities as the Description field and will appear below the Description information when exported. 

Additional fields can be added to the Lot Builder page. To learn more, see Create Custom Fields in Lot Builder.



Wavebid defaults to multiplying the quantity by the selling price (Times the Quantity). For example, if the Quantity on a lot is 10, and the selling price is $10, the bidder will be charged $100.


Wavebid does have the option to charge one price for the lot, regardless of quantity. However, the auction's settings will need to be updated before the system will allow for that change.

  1. To update the auction's settings, navigate to the appropriate auction from the Dashboard and select Auction > Edit Settings.
  2. Under the Auction Attributes tab (or Advanced Auction Attributes tab, if enabled) check the Include option to list quantity per lot? box. AuctionSettingQuantity.PNG
  3. Click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to Save.

Once this feature has been enabled, Sale Type drop-down should be visible under the Lot Details tab in Lot Builder.  LotBuilderSaleType.PNG

Selecting Times the Quantity will multiply the selling price by the Quantity entered.

Selecting One Price will sell the entire lot for the selling price, regardless of the Quantity entered.

Please note that Wavebid does allow for alterations to be made to lot quantities during the Clerking process.  For more information, see the Clerking with Quantities section of the Clerking article.


UPC and VIN Lookup

UPC Lookup- Automatically populate UPC information by clicking the UPC Lookup button in the top right. Scan (or type in) the UPC code and click the Ok button. The information stored in the UPC code will be automatically populated into the Description field.                                                                                                                                                             LotBuilderUPCLookup.JPG

VIN Lookup- Automatically populate VIN information by clicking the VIN Lookup button in the top right. Enter the VIN number into the Enter VIN # field and click the Search VIN button. The vehicle's information will be populated into the Description field. VIN information is pulled from the DMV. For more information, see Managing Vehicle Titles.                                                                                                                                                                         LotBuilderVINLookup.JPG


PDF's and Videos can be attached to the lot by clicking the applicable Plus icon to the right of the Category field. A pop-up window will open. Click the I'm Sure button to continue. For PDF's, select the file(s) to be uploaded. For videos, enter the embed code for the YouTube video. Click the Save button. The total of each attachment type will be updated as they are added. Clicking the Trashcan icon will delete all of the attachments of the applicable document type. Please note that while PDF's and videos attached here will be exported to marketing partners, Auction Services, and Proxibid, they will not be exported with the catalog to any other bidding platforms.         

Please note, the name/title of the PDF or video is what will display with the lot.                                                                                                                         LotBuilderPDFVideo.JPG



Once all of the lot information is entered, click the Disk icon in the top right corner to save. Clicking the Plus icon in the top right corner will save the current lot and advance to the next lot number. Clicking the Minus icon in the top right corner will save the current lot and move back to the previous lot number.                                                                           LotBuilderSaveOptions.JPG


To preview a lot, select Preview Lot from the Go To Page drop-down menu at the top of the lot.                                                                                LotBuilderLotPreview.JPG

Click the Next Lot button to preview the next lot in sequence.  Click the Previous Lot button to view the previous lot in sequence. Click the Edit Lot button to return to Lot Builder.                                                                                         LotBuilderLotPreviewOptions.JPG

To preview the auction, click the Preview Auction button at the bottom of the Lot Preview page, or select Preview Auction from the Go To Page drop-down menu at the top of the Lot Builder page. For more information on previewing an auction, see Auction Preview.


Selecting Lot Categories                                                                          

To select a category, click the Find Category link located above the Category field. A new window will open.                                       LotBuilderFindCategory.JPG

There are four options for choosing a category:

  1. Browse-  Search through the pre-defined list for the category that best describes the lot. Selecting a category from the first column will offer a list of sub-categories in the next column. Some categories will expand to up to three sub-categories, while others may just have one sub-category. While multiple sub-category columns may be presented, selections do not have to be made from each of those columns. Click the Ok button to select the category/sub-category.                                                                  LotBuilderCategorySubcategory.JPG                                                             LotBuilderCategory4SubCategories.JPG
  2. Search- Type a keyword into the Enter search term field and click the Search button. A list of possible categories/sub-categories will appear.  Scroll through the list and click on the option that best describes the lot. Click the Ok button to select. LotBuilderCategorySearch.JPG
  3. Recently Used- This option displays the categories that have been used most often by the account. Click on the option that best describes the lot. Click the Ok button to select. To clear the categories from this list, click the Clear Recently Used button. Once cleared, this option will remain blank until categories are selected using one of the other category choosing options. LotBuilderCategoryRecentlyUsed.JPG
  4. Manual Entry- This options allows the user to type in a category/sub-category that is not pre-defined in Wavebid. Enter text into the Enter a category field. If needed, the greater than symbol (>) can be used to separate the category from the sub-category. For example, Furniture> Children's Furniture> Antique Children's Furniture. Once the text is entered, click the Ok button to select. Please note that most bidding platforms will not accept manually entered categories.                                                        LotBuilderCategoryManual.JPG

Once a category is selected, save the lot by clicking on the Disk icon in the top right corner.


Category Meta-Data

Once a category is selected and saved, that category's meta-data will appear on the Lot Builder page. Selections can be made from the various drop-downs and entered into the various fields to create a description of the specific lot.  Once all selections are made, click the Add to Description button. If additional selections/edits are made, click the Add to Description button again to push the changes to the Description field.              LotBuilderCategoryMetaData.JPG


Meta-data does not have to be selected for a lot. To hide the meta-data fields, click the View/Edit Category Meta-Data section header.                                          LotBuilderCategoryMetaDataMinimize.JPG

To edit meta-data, click the View/Edit Category Meta-Data section header again to unhide.  LotBuilderCategoryMetaDataMaximize.JPG


Category meta-data is not available for categories that are entered manually. Meta-data is only available for pre-populated Wavebid categories.


Managing Lots                                                                                         

This section contains information on saving lots, navigating between lots, and deleting lots. For information on editing the sequence of lots within an auction, see Edit Lot Sequencing. For information on moving lots to a different auction, see Move Lots to Another Auction. For information on changing lot details in bulk, see Lot Bulk Actions.


Lot Actions

The Lot Actions drop-down menu is located in the top left corner of the Lot Builder page. LotBuilderLotActions.JPG


  • Select Create New Lot to create a new lot. Changes to the current lot must be saved prior to selecting or they will be lost.
  • Select Calculate Shipping to get a shipping estimate. For more information, see Shipping Estimates.
  • Select Delete Lot to delete the current lot. A new window will open. Click the I'm Sure button to confirm. Deleted lots cannot be retrieved.
  • Select Save to save the current lot.
  • Select Save & Preview Auction to save the current lot and preview the auction. For more information, see Auction Preview. Click the browser's back button to return to the Lot Builder page.
  • Select Save & New Lot to save the current lot and stat a new lot.
  • Select Save & Edit Lot - 1 to save the current lot and move back to the previous lot number. If the previous lot in the number sequence does not already exist, it will be created. For example, if lots 1-80 were created followed by lot 100, selecting Save & Edit Lot - 1 will save lot 100 and create and return to lot 99.
  • Select Save & Edit Lot + 1 to save the current lot and advance to the next lot number. If the next lot in the number sequence does not already exist, it will be created. For example, if lots 1-9 have already been created, selecting Save & Edit Lot + 1 will save lot 9 and create and advance to lot 10.


Select a lot number from the Go to lot drop-down menu to jump to a specific lot. Select Gallery to jump to the auction's Gallery Lot. Gallery Lots can be exported to Auction Services, but will not be exported to any bidding platforms.

Click the Right Arrow icon in the top right corner to move to the next lot in sequence. Click the Left Arrow icon to move to the previous lot in sequence.                                                                                                                                                    LotBuilderRightLeftArrows.JPG



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