Integrating with Multiple Bidding Platforms

This article describes the process for connecting a Wavebid auction with more than one of Wavebid's integrated bidding platforms.

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If users want to be able to export an auction out to more than one bidding platform, it is highly recommended that separate auctions be created in Wavebid for each integrated bidding platform.

For example, a user could create one event in Wavebid titled "July Auction 1" and another called "July Auction 2". Each auction can then be exported to the applicable bidding platform as needed.

For information on copying or moving lots from one auction to another, see Move/Copy Lots to Another Auction.


It is important that the bidder numbers (paddle numbers) for each auction do not overlap. For example, use paddle numbers 1-300 in Proxibid and 301-500 in BidSpotter.

If two bidding platforms use overlapping bidder numbers, errors will be generated when the sale data is imported back to Wavebid.


Auction Software

Changing the Auction Software drop-down under Auction > Edit Settings can break the link with the previously selected software (bidding platform). For example, changing the Auction Software drop-down from Bidspotter to Proxibid will break the link between Bidspotter and Wavebid for that auction. Additionally, changing the Auction Software drop-down may interfere with the importing of data after a sale is complete. 

A copy of an auction's content can be obtained by navigating to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, selecting Auction > Preview Auction, clicking the Download button in the top right corner of the page, and then selecting .CSV as the file format. This .CSV file can then be used to import Wavebid auction data into another bidding platform.

Users also having the option of performing a Universal Export, but it is recommended that users wait until all sale data has been imported back into Wavebid before changing the Auction Software drop-down to Universal.


Importing Data

At the end of the event, data from each sale can be imported back into Wavebid from the applicable bidding platforms. If an Auction House is interested in combining the data from each platform into one sale in Wavebid, they can do so by creating a "master" event containing all of the lots from each sale. For information on copying or moving lots from one auction to another, see Move/Copy Lots to Another Auction.

Bidders and sale data can then be copied from each of the other sales into the "master" sale. For information on copying this data, see the "Importing Bidder Data" and "Importing Sale Data" sections of the Multi-Day Auctions help article. MultipleBiddingPlatforms.JPG


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