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Wavebid understands the vital role of Marketing auctions to ensure that auction information reaches a large number of potential bidders. Wavebid has features that allow auction companies to create marketing materials, surveys, and Buyer's Guides directly within Wavebid. Wavebid also provides auction companies with tools for targeting marketing at specific bidders, and setting up email marketing campaigns.

Additionally, Wavebid partners with other platforms to enable auction companies to quickly and easily expand their marketing campaigns to a wider audience.

To advertise an auction on Proxibid, please contact your Proxibid Account Manager.

Below is a list of articles pertaining to Marketing via Wavebid, along with a brief description of each article. If further assistance is needed with Marketing, please contact

  • Marketing: Wavebid's auction workspaces contain a marketing option that can automatically help manage a company's marketing strategy, and generate a marketing poster of featured lots that can be posted anywhere.  This article describes the process for creating marketing tasks and generating a digital poster.
  • Marketing Tasks: This article describes the process for using Marketing Tasks to push Wavebid content to outside marketing sites.
  • Marketing Survey: Wavebid provides the ability to record and track where bidders heard about a company's auction. This can be beneficial when marketing auctions in the future. This articles outlines how to track this information at check-in.
  • Marketing Email Templates: Wavebid provides numerous easy-to-use e-mail templates for marketing campaigns. This article describes the process for creating those emails. 
  • Customer Segments: Customer segments allow companies to reduce the cost of marketing by tagging bidders by their purchasing habits, or granting easy access to a 'VIP' bidder list.  The following article describes the process for configuring Wavebid to allow for the creation of customer segments, and then applying those customer segments to bidders individually, or in bulk through an import. It also describes the process for  exporting the data for use in any other 3rd party marketing systems.
  • Create a Buyer's Guide: The Buyer's Guide is a powerful tool that allows companies to create lists and catalogs for an auction that show more selective information. Beyond making a traditional Buyer's Guide, this tool can also be utilized to make a variety of reference lists for an auction, which can then be printed. This article describes the process for creating a Buyer's Guide, as well as the various customization options.


Marketing Integrations

  • Wavebid Plugin Guide: The Wavebid Plugin allows users to push an auction event and catalog from Wavebid to an integrated WordPress website. This guide contains a list of articles pertaining to the Wavebid Plugin, along with a brief description of each article. 
  • allows users to market auctions and inventory without manually loading catalogs and images. This article describes the process of configuring Wavebid and integrating an auction for marketing on 
  • TractorZoom: Wavebid connects with a user's TractorZoom account to allow a catalog and photos to be synched without manual loading. This article describes the process for linking Wavebid to TractorZoom and creating a marketing task.
  • GoToAuction: GoToAuction allows marketing of auctions without manually exporting and updating to their site. This article describes the process for linking to Wavebid and marketing an auction with 
  • Facebook: Connecting Wavebid to a Facebook account allows users to market their events using Wavebid's Marketing tasks. This article describes the process for connecting Wavebid to Facebook.
  • Twitter: Wavebid integrates with Twitter to support auction marketing right from a user's Twitter feed. This article describes the process for connecting Wavebid to Twitter and posting updates to a Twitter account. 
  • Craigslist: Craigslist is great forum for those unique items that might not fit into a traditional auction. Wavebid links directly to Craigslist and allows users to auto-fill content fields with the pre-existing information from their catalog or inventory. This article describes the process for linking Craigslist to Wavebid and how to post items items to Craigslist.


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