BidSpotter and Wavebid provide an integration allowing users to export a catalog and photos directly, re-export changes to a catalog, and pull in sale results directly from BidSpotter to Wavebid. This article describes the process for linking a Wavebid account and/or auction with BidSpotter, exporting an auction to Bidspotter, and importing bidder and sale data to Wavebid.

Linking an Account

Linking an Auction

Exporting Auctions

Importing Sale Information



Linking an Account                                                                                  

The linking process itself only needs to be done once. The GAP Reference ID is the only thing that will be needed for additional auctions. The GAP Reference ID will need to be entered in the Wavebid Auction Settings page for each auction.

The fastest way to link Wavebid to BidSpotter is to have both the GAP Toolbox and Wavebid open in separate browser windows and switch back and forth.

Only users with Admin abilities will be able to link the company Wavebid account to Bidspotter.

  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to My Links > Company > Cataloging Settings > Export.
  2. From the Select an Export Format drop-down, choose BidSpotter (GAP).
  3. Enter the GAP Toolbox account username in the GAP Username field.
  4. Enter the GAP Toolbox account password in the GAP Password field.
  5. Enter the GAP Client ID.
    • The GAP Client ID can be found under the BidSpotter Toolbox > Settings labeled as the URL name. The URL Name is the GAP Client ID
  6. Click the Save button in the top right corner of the page.mceclip0.png


Linking an Auction                                                                                   

After linking an account, auction workspaces can be linked under the Auction Attributes page to pass information to BidSpotter.  

  1. Navigate to applicable auction on the Dashboard and then select Auction > Edit Auction and enter the following information
  2. On the Auction Attributes tab, select Bidspotter from the Auction Software drop-down.
  3. Enter the Bidspotter Reference ID in the GAP Reference ID(Manual) field.
    • To locate, open Bidspotter and navigate to the auction's Auction Details page or create a auction (if one does not yet exist for the sale).mceclip0.png
  4. Click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to Save. This linking process will need to be done for every auction that is to be exported to BidSpotter.

Configuring BidSpotter Paddles

When looking to integrate a catalog to BidSpotter, Wavebid will need to have a listing to send the information to with certain settings activated. 

  • For the Paddle Type field; you must use the "Numbers starting from" option. 
    • This will ensure that winning bidder information will be able to be linked to the winning lot/sale information.mceclip3.png

Exporting Auctions                                                                                   

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Auction > Export Auction.
  2. Confirm export options:
    • Lot Options: Select the lots to export.
    • Catalog Options: Confirm that the Generate Catalog box is checked and that Data Mapping is set to BidSpotter.
    • Photo Options: Confirm that the Zip Photos box is checked, that the New Photos Only box is not checked, and that Thumbnails is set to the desired pixel size.
  3. Click the Export Auction button. For information on monitoring an export, see Export Monitor.

Depending on the size of the catalog and how many photos are within each lot, the export process can take up to 15 minutes. the export will result in Wavebid creating two files:

  1. A TXT file containing the entire catalog of lots.
  2. A ZIP file containing all the photos.


Importing Sale Information                                                                     

Bidder registration and/or sale data can be pulled back into Wavebid once an auction starts or as soon as it is finished.


Importing Bidder Registrations:

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Accounting > Import Buyer Info (Auto).
  2. This will import the winning and non-winning bidder data (ex. Bidder name, email, etc.) and check them into the auction.

Import Closing Sale Information:

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Accounting > Import Sale Info (Auto).





Q : I am getting a general "error has occurred" message when trying to save my auction?

A :  Confirm that your password and account are still the same. Update your BidSpotter credentials under your account linking if you have recently changed your password.  In addition, make sure that the username/password are only tied to one BidSpotter log-in.

Q :  After a sale is over; I attempted to Import Buyer Info (Auto) and Import Sale Info (Auto) and nothing is happening?

A : There are a couple points we can recommend reviewing. 

  • If you have just requested the information - try refreshing your invoices to see if any additional invoices appear. If so, your system is working to create the details. You may need to wait a few moments longer. 
  • If you are still not seeing invoices, try to request your bidder information then check your Reports > Registered Bidders for any of your online bidders. If you are seeing bidder information, try to request your sales information again. 
  • Information still not appearing in Wavebid, your auction may not have been configured properly in BidSpotter/GAP Toolbox. 
    • Check the Paddle Type field - it will need to have been set to "Numbers starting from" option.  If this was not set, see below.
  • When needed; you can import your information manually
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