BidSpotter and Wavebid provide an integration allowing users to export a catalog and photos directly, re-export changes to a catalog, and pull in sale results directly from BidSpotter to Wavebid. This article describes the process for linking a Wavebid account and/or auction with BidSpotter, exporting an auction to BidSpotter, and importing post sale data back into Wavebid.

This article contains the following sections:


Linking an Account

The linking process itself only needs to be done once. However, if a user changes their BidSpotter (GAP) password, they will need to update that information in Wavebid (per the instructions below) before auctions can be imported or exported.

The fastest way to link Wavebid to BidSpotter is to have both the GAP Toolbox and Wavebid open in separate browser windows and switch back and forth.

Only users with company Admin permissions will be able to link the company Wavebid account to BidSpotter.

  1. From the Wavebid Dashboard, navigate to My Links > Company > Cataloging Settings > Export.
  2. Select BidSpotter (GAP) from the Select an Export Format drop-down.
  3. Enter the GAP Toolbox account username in the GAP Username field.
  4. Enter the GAP Toolbox account password in the GAP Password field.
  5. Enter the GAP Client ID.
    • The GAP Client ID can be found under the BidSpotter Toolbox > Settings labeled as the URL name.
    • The URL Name is the GAP Client ID
  6. Click the Save button in the top right corner of the page.mceclip0.png


Linking an Auction

After linking an account, auction workspaces can be linked under the Auction Attributes page to pass information to BidSpotter.  

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction on the Dashboard, then select Auction > Edit Auction.
  2. On the Auction Attributes tab, select BidSpotter from the Auction Software drop-down.
  3. Enter the BidSpotter Reference ID in the GAP Reference ID (Manual) field.
    • To locate, open BidSpotter and navigate to the auction's Auction Details page or create a auction (if one does not yet exist for the sale).mceclip0.png
  4. Click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to Save. This linking process will need to be done for every auction that is to be exported to BidSpotter.


Configuring an Auction

Configuring BidSpotter Paddles

When looking to integrate a catalog to BidSpotter, Wavebid will need to have a listing to send the information to, with certain settings activated. 

Within the BidSpotter listing, the Numbers starting from option must be selected as the Paddle Type. This ensures that winning bidder information will be able to be linked to the winning lot/sale information.

  • Paddle numbers can only contain numbers. If letters are included in paddle numbers, sale data cannot be imported.
  • If Customer Reference is selected as the Paddle Type, bidder and sale data will have to be manually exported from BidSpotter and then manually imported into Wavebid.mceclip3.png

Item Location

(United States and Canada Locations only)

A Category must be selected for each lot in Wavebid before the lot location can be set. If the lots were created without selecting a Category, Lot Bulk Actions can be used to add a Category to all lots.

Once a category is selected, additional location fields will be visible under View/Edit Category Meta-Data. mceclip1.png

In order to set a lot location in BidSpotter, the City, State, and Country fields under the View/Edit Category Meta-Data section must be completed.

  • If these fields need to be completed for a large number of existing lots, the data can be imported in bulk, rather than making the changes within each lot.
    • To do so, a .CSV spreadsheet will need to be created containing separate columns for Lot #, Item Location City, Item Location State, and Item Location Country. The spreadsheet can then be imported just as a catalog would.

If a lot location is going to include information in either the Address field or the Postal/Zip Code field, then all the Item Location fields must be completed to successfully export the lot. The export monitor will produce an error if only some of the Item Location fields are completed.


Exporting an Auction

An auction must be linked prior to exporting. Please review the special considerations listed below to avoid errors when exporting.

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Auction > Export Auction.
  2. Set the Lot Options.
    • Export all lots or just a range of lots.
  3. Set the Catalog Options:
    • The Generate Catalog box should be checked.
    • The Data Mapping must be BidSpotter.
    • The Save as .CSV box should be checked.
  4. Set the Photo Options:
    • The Zip Photos box should be checked.
    • The New Photos Only box should not be checked.
    • If using Thumbnails, select a pixel size from the drop-down.
  5. Click the Export Auction button. Depending on the size of the catalog and how many photos are within each lot, the export process can take up to 15 minutes for the data to arrive in BidSpotter.
    • The Export Monitor page will provide a status of the export and indicate whether or not it was successful. For more information, see Export Monitor.


Importing Bidder and Sale Data

Once the auction is complete, closing data for bidders and sales can be imported back into Wavebid to generate invoices and reports.

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Accounting > Import Buyer Info (Auto). The Person Import Results page will load indicating if the import was successful. If an error occurred, see Troubleshooting.
  2. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Accounting > Import Sale Info (Auto). The Lot Import Results page will load indicating if the import was successful, and winning bidder and sale information should be imported. If an error occurred, see Troubleshooting.

If, for some reason, the sale data needs to imported manually, see Importing Post Sale Data.


Special Considerations

Fields that will be exported from Wavebid to BidSpotter

Wavebid Field  
Lot Number Lot Tax
Lot Title Buy It Now Price
Lot Description Low Estimate
Lot Sequence/ Sale Order High Estimate
Quantity Photos
Reserve YouTube Videos
Starting Price Item Location

If a field is not included in the list above, it won't be transferred to BidSpotter. Adjustments may need to be made to those fields in BidSpotter directly.

Lot Tax

  • If a specific lot has a tax code defined, that tax code will be included in the export to BidSpotter.
  • If a tax code is set at the auction level in Wavebid, all the lots will assume that tax code if an individual lot tax code hasn't been defined.
  • If the lot or auction is listed as "tax exempt", the result will be a 0% tax in BidSpotter.
  • If the auction doesn't have a tax code defined, the result will be a 0% tax in BidSpotter.

Deleting Lots

If a lot is deleted in Wavebid, it will automatically and immediately delete the corresponding lot in BidSpotter without the need for exporting.



An "error has occurred" Message

This message can appear when trying to save an auction, link an auction, or import sales results.

  1. Verify that the BidSpotter password and account have not changed.
    • If either have changes since linking with Wavebid, those credentials will need to be updated in Wavebid to re-link the accounts.
  2. Verify that the GAP Client ID field is complete under My Links > Company > Cataloging Settings > Export.
  3. Verify that the username/password are only tied to one BidSpotter log-in.
    • If a BidSpotter user's credentials are the same as those used for other Gap auctioneer accounts, the user will not be able to link Wavebid auctions to BidSpotter and will receive a "NullPointerException" error.

Nothing Happens When Attempting to Auto-Import Buyer and Sale Info

  1. The auction may not have been configured properly in BidSpotter. 
    • Check the Paddle Type field. The Numbers starting from option must be selected.
    • If this was not set, the bidder and sale data can be imported into Wavebid manually. For more information on manual imports, see Importing Post Sale Data.
  2. Try refreshing the invoices to see if any additional invoices appear. If so, the system is working to create the details and may need more time to complete the process. 
  3. If invoices still do not appear, import buyer information, then navigate to Accounting > Reports > Registered Bidders.
    • If bidder information is listed, try to import sales information again. 

Errors Relating to Item Location

If lot locations are being used, verify that they follow the rules listed above under Item Location.


Duplicate Lot Error

The BidSpotter/GAP integration exports the catalog in batches of 100 lots. As such, there are some rare scenarios where users may encounter an error message that a duplicate lot was created. Scenarios and remedies to fix are outlined below:

  1. When lot numbers get swapped in combination with only exporting a partial catalog with the Lot Range feature.
    • Example: A catalog with 10 lots is created and exported to BidSpotter. In Wavebid lot numbers 2 and 9 are swapped. The catalog is exported using the Lot Range export feature (rather than the full catalog) and only lots 1-5 are exported. Since lot 9 is not included in this export, GAP will create a duplicate lot and an error message will occur in Wavebid.
    • To remedy this situation, simply re-export the full catalog (all lots) and the duplicates will be removed.
  2. When a lot with quantity of zero (= 0) gets its lot numbers swapped out.
    • Example: A catalog with 10 lots is created and exported to BidSpotter. In Wavebid, a quantity of 0 exists on lot 2. Lot numbers 2 & 9 get swapped, and then a full export of the catalog is sent over to GAP. This will create a duplicate on the GAP side.
    • To fix the duplicate, simply update the quantity on the lots to any positive integer and re-export the full catalog. This will remove the duplicates in GAP.

Export Error "Long Description is Required"

When exporting to BidSpotter, the Export Monitor page may display a "Long Description is Required" error message. BidSpotter requires that content be in the Description field in Wavebid in order to export. Text entered into the Description field in Wavebid will appear in the Long Description field in BidSpotter.

To correct this error, enter text into the Description field in Wavebid and re-export.


Lot Not Found

This error has most likely occurred because the lot or lots listed in the error have been deleted from BidSpotter, or were edited directly in BidSpotter rather than Wavebid. This means that Wavebid can no longer match the external IDs associated with those lots in BidSpotter.

To correct the issue:

  1. Create a spreadsheet containing two columns: Lot Number and External Lot ID.
    • Enter the impacted lot numbers into the Lot Number column and leave the External Lot ID column blank.
    • Save the spreadsheet as a Comma-Separated Values (.CSV) file type.BSLotError1.jpg
  2. Navigate to the applicable auction in Wavebid, then select Catalogs > Import Catalog.
  3. Click the Choose File button, select the .CSV spreadsheet, and click the Upload button.
  4. Map the columns as shown below: BSLotError2.jpg
  5. click the Import button at the bottom of the page. A confirmation message will appear once the upload is complete.

Once the catalog has been uploaded, the auction can be exported to BidSpotter again.


Reserves Didn't Export to BidSpotter

If Reserve amounts were entered into Wavebid, but they did not export. Confirm that the company level catalog settings aren't preventing the export of Reserve amounts. 

  • Navigate to My Links > Company > Profile
  • Click on the Preferences tab. 
  • Click on the Cataloging option on the left side of the page. 
  • Uncheck the Do Not Export Reserve values box.
  • Click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to save the changes. The event can now be exported again.

Edited Photos Did Not Update in BidSpotter

If photos have been exported to BidSpotter, then edited in Wavebid, the changes made in Wavebid will not be sent to BidSpotter when re-exported. This is because BidSpotter only receives new photos from Wavebid.

To correct the issue, delete the photo from Wavebid, re-upload the photo to Wavebid, make any necessary edits to the photo in Wavebid, and then re-export the lot (with the photo) to BidSpotter.



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