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This article describes the importance of categorization as well as the process for adding Lot Categories and Lot Details (metadata) via Lot Builder or in bulk via import

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Why is Categorization Important?

For online events, categorization is vital for ensuring that lots appear in bidder searches, creating an improved bidder experience. Bidders are likely to grow tired or become frustrated with scrolling through thousands of lots trying to find items pertinent to their search. Properly categorized items get more views, and subsequently more bids, than their uncategorized counterparts. In fact, on Proxibid, properly categorized items can sell for three times the price of an uncategorized item. This means the more precise the categorization, the more valuable the item.


Viewing Wavebid Categories

To view a list of all of Wavebid's current categories navigate to an auction on the Wavebid Dashboard, then select Catalogs > Category Codes. The list of categories will display as a PDF in a new window.


What is Metadata?

Metadata describes the unique information about the lot itself. While categories organize all the items on an online bidding platform, metadata gives each item its individuality. Adding metadata to lots enhances relevance, searchability, visibility, and discoverability and contributes to an overall better experience for the bidder on the marketplace.

Metadata is especially useful for bidders interested in automobiles, farming, and heavy machinery. Adding metadata to these types of lots makes it easier for the bidder to locate important details, such as Make, Model, VIN, Hours, etc.

Metadata fields cannot be customized and will vary depending on the category selected for the lot.

Most metadata fields do export to Proxibid and BidSpotter.



Importing Categories and Metadata

When importing a catalog, category information can be added by including a Category column on the imported spreadsheet. The Category column should contain the desired category for each lot. The category entered in the Category column must match the category exactly as it appears in Wavebid in order to import properly. To view a list of all the current categories, navigate to an auction on the Dashboard, then select Catalogs > Category Codes. The list of categories will display as a PDF in a new window.

The text from the Category column on the Category Codes PDF is what should be entered into the Category column on the imported spreadsheet.




When mapping imported categories, the Category header should be mapped to the Category column.



Importing Metadata

Metadata cannot be edited via Lot Bulk Actions, however it can be added/edited via import.

When importing metadata, the column headers on the imported spreadsheet must match the title of the metadata field as it appears in Lot Builder exactly. If they do not match, they may not be imported correctly.





When mapping metadata columns, select the appropriate Wavebid Headers listed under the Category tab on the right side of the page.


If metadata is being imported for a drop-down field in Lot Builder that contains a list of pre-populated selections, the data entered in the corresponding column on the import spreadsheet must match one of those selections exactly. If the data does not match, it may not be imported.

For example, when importing information relating to the material an antique clock is made from, "Oak" cannot be entered because it does not appear in the Material drop-down in Lot Builder. However, "Wood" does appear and so it can be used on the import spreadsheet.





Manually Adding Categories and Metadata

When building a catalog in Lot Builder, categories can be selected for each lot.

To select a category, click the Find Category link located above the Category field. A new window will open.                                                                                                                                                                                     LotBuilderCategory1.jpg

There are four options for choosing a category:

  1. Browse: Search through the pre-defined list for the category that best describes the lot. Selecting a category from the first column will offer a list of sub-categories in the next column. Some categories will expand to up to three sub-categories, while others may just have one sub-category. While multiple sub-category columns may be presented, selections do not have to be made from each of those columns. Click the Ok button to select the category/sub-category.                                                      LotBuilderCategorySubcategory.JPG     LotBuilderCategory4SubCategories.JPG                  
  2. Search: Type a keyword into the Enter search term field and click the Search button. A list of possible categories/sub-categories will appear.  Scroll through the list and click on the option that best describes the lot. Click the Ok button to select. LotBuilderCategorySearch.JPG
  3. Recently Used: This option displays the categories that have been used most often by the account. Click on the option that best describes the lot. Click the Ok button to select. To clear the categories from this list, click the Clear Recently Used button. Once cleared, this option will remain blank until categories are selected using one of the other category choosing options. LotBuilderCategoryRecentlyUsed.JPG
  4. Manual Entry: This options allows the user to type in a category/sub-category that is not pre-defined in Wavebid. Enter text into the Enter a category field. If needed, the greater than symbol (>) can be used to separate the category from the sub-category. For example, Furniture> Children's Furniture> Antique Children's Furniture. Once the text is entered, click the Ok button to select. Please note that most bidding platforms will not accept manually entered categories.  LotBuilderCategoryManual.JPG

Once a category is selected, save the lot by clicking on the Disk icon in the top right corner.


Category Metadata

Once a category is selected and saved, that category's metadata will appear on the Lot Builder page. Selections can be made from the various drop-downs and entered into the various fields to create a description of the specific lot. Once all selections are made, click the Add to Description button. If additional selections/edits are made, click the Add to Description button again to push the changes to the Description field. 



Metadata does not have to be selected for a lot. To hide or unhide the metadata fields, click the View/Edit Category Meta-Data section header.


Category metadata is not available for categories that are entered manually. Metadata is only available for pre-populated Wavebid categories.


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