Company Management Guide

Wavebid understands the complexity of managing an auction company and provides users with several tools to help personalize and organize company information in Wavebid.

Below is a list of articles specific to managing company information in Wavebid, along with a brief description of each article. If further assistance is needed with any company management features, please contact

  • Company Profile: This article describes the process for editing the information and settings under the Company Profile.
  • Company Preferences: Setting default Company Preferences for accounting/cataloging saves time when creating new auctions. This article describes the options/settings found under the company's 'Preferences' tab. 
  • User Accounts and Permissions: Wavebid allows companies to grant different levels of access to their employees and associates. This article describes the difference between Admin and User Roles, the process for creating a new user account, and how to select user permissions (authorities).
  • Form Builder: Form Builder is a tool in Wavebid that allows for the creation of customized forms for use during check-in, check-out, or other processes. This article describes the process for creating those forms.
  • Sales Manager Commissions: This article describes the process for setting up a commission for an auction's Sales Manager, and then running a report on that commission.
  • Integration Guide: Wavebid has partnerships with several third parties to create a seamless flow of information in and out of Wavebid. These partner integrations make it easy to send catalogs to a bidding platform, process payments, email customers, and market events. This guide provides links to articles relating to Wavebid integrations. 
  • Accounting Guide: Wavebid's Accounting features make bookkeeping easy by giving companies the ability to set tax rates, premiums, and fees at both the company and auction level, and by generating a variety of reports for both tax and general accounting purposes. This guide provides links to articles relating to accounting features in Wavebid. 
  • ID Scanners: Using a scanner during the check-in process is an enormous time saver for most companies using Wavebid. This article describes the benefits of ID scanners and how they can be used within an auction.
  • Reports and Lists: This article describes reports and lists available to users in Wavebid at both the company and auction level. 
  • Managing Customers: This article provides information about how customer profiles are created, edited, deleted, and merged in Wavebid, along with information about generating customer lists.
  • Customer Segments: This article describes the process for creating Person Attributes, and then applying those Attributes to customers to create customer segments (groups). It also describes the process for exporting that customer data for use in third-party marketing systems.
  • International Wavebid Features: This article provides a list of features, including VAT, available to auction companies using Wavebid outside the United States. 


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