Bulk Update Invoices as Paid

This article describes the process for marking a large number of invoices as "paid" all at one time.

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Bulk Updating Invoices as Paid

Payments are generally applied to invoices individually in order to capture specific payment data. However, Wavebid does offer users the option to mark invoices as 'paid' in bulk. 

  1. Navigate to My Links > All Auctions > All Invoices.
  2. Enter the search criteria to narrow down the number of invoices to display. To view all the invoices in an auction, use just the auction name.mceclip5.png
  3. Click the Search button.mceclip6.png
  4. On the Search Results list, check the box to the left of each invoice that needs to be marked as paid, then click on the Actions drop-down in the bottom left corner of the page and select Mark Paid.mceclip7.png
  5. A pop-up window will appear. Use the drop-down to select the Payment Method to mark all of the invoices with, and then click the Mark Paid button.mceclip8.png
  6. A confirmation window will appear. Click the Ok button to continue.mceclip9.png
  7. The selected invoices will now be marked as "Paid in Full".



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