Wavebid Plugin: Add Documents to an Event

The Wavebid Plugin allows users to host auction-related documents, such as sales flyers or property information packages, on their website. This article describes the process for uploading a document to a website via the Wavebid Plugin.

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Adding a Document

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Auction > Edit Settings.
  2. Click on the Documents tab. DocumentsTab.PNG
  3. Click on the Choose File button and select a file from the computer. DocumentsTab2.PNG
  4. If desired, enter a Description of the document. 
  5. Enter a Display Name. This is the name that will appear when users click on the document to download it. 
  6. Select the Type of document from the drop-down. This has little impact on the end product, but is required. 
  7. Select Visibility from the drop-down.
    • Private is off.
    • Public is on. DocumentsTab4.PNG
    • Selecting Email Required will require that a user enter an email address before they can access the document. A link to the document will then be sent to the email address entered.Documents1.jpg
  8. Click the Upload button. DocumentsTab3.PNG
  9. The Upload button will change to a Disk icon. Click the Disk icon to Save the document itself. DocumentTab5.PNG
  10. To add another document to the auction, click the Add link located below the Display Name field.
    • To delete a document from an auction, click the Trashcan icon located to the right of the Visibility drop-down.DocumentsTab6.PNG
  11. Once all documents have been added and saved, click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to save the document(s) to the auction. DocumentsTab7.PNG
  12. Run a Marketing Task for that event to push the changes to the website. Marketing Tasks can take up to an hour to run. It is not recommended that users run back-to-back Marketing Tasks for the same event, as duplication may occur. Rather, wait for the change from one Marketing Task to be visible on the site before running another.
  13. Documents will appear on the website under the Documents tab on the Event Details page. AddingDocs1.jpg


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