Invaluable/AuctionZip (INV/AZ) and Wavebid have an integration allowing users to export a catalog and photos directly, re-export changes to a catalog, and pull in sale results directly from Invaluable/AuctionZip to Wavebid. This article describes the process for linking an account and posting from Wavebid to Invaluable/AuctionZip. 

Linking an Account

Linking an Auction

Exporting an Auction

Special Considerations

Linking an Account                                                                                  

First, contact INV/AZ support and request Wavebid integration.

After submitting an INV/AZ request, their team will generate an INV/AZ House ID and email the Wavebid support team with these required details. Wavebid will then complete the activation for integration, which will typically take 2-3 business days. 

This will only need to be done once. The account will be linked from that point forward. 


Linking an Auction                                                                                   

When creating auctions after linking an account, the option to select Invaluable/AuctionZip from the Auction Software drop-down will be available.


When setting up an auction in Wavebid, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • INV/AZ restricts all updates/changes to auctions that are within 2 hours of starting, or if they have already started. 
  • Not all Wavebid time zones are supported. Make sure to use an accepted INV/AZ time zone.
  • Invaluable has three unique fields, which will appear at the bottom of the Auction Attributes list. Invaluable needs those three fields to be filled out when exporting.


The last field, Channel, will determine whether an export goes over to Invaluable, AuctionZip, or both.


One final and critical piece for getting the auction ready to export is setting it as live or timed, which is done under the Marketing tab of the Create/Edit Auction page. Under "Type of Auction", the "Live" and "Simulcast" options will set the export as Live, and the "Online" option will set the export as timed. 

  • Live = Live auction on INV and/or AZ without an option for video broadcasting the auction on the web.
  • Simulcast = Live auction on INV and/or AZ with the option for video broadcasting the auction on the web set.
  • Online = Timed auction on INV and/or AZ


For LIVE auctions on the INV/AZ platform pre-bidding is available as soon as the auction is published to the site(s). A START date/time (including timezone) should be provided for LIVE auction – no end time should be provided

For Timed auctions on the INV/AZ platform – bidding is available as soon as the sale is published to the site(s). A START date/time (including timezone) should be provided and whether lots should be staggered or not. Default staggering of lots is 60 seconds per lot. The START date/time indicates the date and time the lots will begin closing – no end time should be provided.


Exporting an Auction                                                                               

An auction must be linked prior to exporting.

  1. Navigate to the auction from the Dashboard and then select Auction > Export Auction
  2. Confirm export options:
    • Lot Options: Select the lots you wish to export. Please note, Invaluable requires a Lot Title when exporting. If any lot is missing a title, there will be an error, and the export may not go through. 
    • Catalog Options: Make sure Generate Catalog is checked and Save as .CSV not checked.
    • Photo Options: Make sure Zip Photos is checked, New Photos Only is not checked, and Thumbnails is set to the pixel size you wish to have.
    • Data Mapping does not need to be completed. 
  3. Click the Export Auction button. For more information on monitoring an export, see Export Monitor.

Special Considerations                                                                             

Auction Mappings Required to Export Catalog

INV/AZ field
WB field
Notes for Export
Catalog Title Auction Name  
Start Date Start Date  


Not all time zones accepted. Review Accepted Time Zones.
House Address Export Format address imported from your INV configuration
Auction terms Terms imported from your INV configuration
Channel Channel imported from your INV configuration


Lot Information Required for Export

Lot Number Lot Number Has to be number-letter (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 4a 4b)
Title Lot Name  
Description Description  
Estimate Low Low Estimate  
Estimate High High Estimate  
Starting Bid Starting Bid leave as ZERO if empty
Reserve Reserve  
Inventory Number Inventory Number Can not have decimal points


Time zone Mappings

The Invaluable API can only accept certain time zone selections. Please review the below list to see what time zone options are supported.

  • Africa/Johannesburg - Central African Time, CAT
  • Asia/Dubai - Arab Emirates Time, AST
  • Asia/Qatar - Arabia Standard Time, AST
  • Asia/Hong Kong - Hong Kong Time, HKT
  • Asia/Calcutta - India Standard Time, IST
  • Asia/Tokyo - Japan Standard Time, JST
  • Asia/Karachi - Pakistan Standard Time, PKT
  • Asia/Manila - Philippine Time, PHT
  • Asia/Singapore - Singapore Time, SGT
  • Asia/Bangkok - Thailand Time, THA
  • Asia/Jakarta - Western Indonesian Time, WIB
  • Asia/Baghdad - Baghdad Time, BT
  • America/Halifax - Atlantic Standard Time, AT
  • US/Alaska - Alaska Standard Time, AKST
  • America/Chicago - Central Standard Time, CST
  • America/New York - Eastern Standard Time, EST
  • America/Denver - Mountain Standard Time, MST
  • America/Los Angeles - Pacific Standard Time, PST
  • Australia/Adelaide - Australian Central Daylight Time, ACDT
  • Australia/Darwin - Australian Central Standard Time, ACST
  • Australia/Sydney - Australian Eastern Daylight Time, AEDT
  • Australia/Brisbane - Australian Eastern Standard Time, AEST
  • Australia/Perth - Australian Western Standard Time, AWST
  • Brazil/East - Brazil Time, BRT
  • Europe/London - British Summer Time, BST
  • Europe/Zurich - Central European Time, CET
  • Europe/Bucharest - Eastern European Time, EET
  • Europe/Moscow - Moscow Standard Time, MSK
  • Europe/Lisbon - Western European Time, WET
  • Europe/Amsterdam 
  • Europe/Andorra 
  • Europe/Belgrade 
  • Europe/Berlin  
  • Europe/Bratislava 
  • Europe/Brussels 
  • Europe/Budapest 
  • Europe/Copenhagen 
  • Europe/Gibraltar
  • Europe/Ljubljana
  • Europe/Luxembourg 
  • Europe/Madrid 
  • Europe/Malta 
  • Europe/Monaco
  • Europe/Oslo 
  • Europe/Paris
  • Europe/Podgorica
  • Europe/Prague 
  • Europe/Rome 
  • Europe/San Marino 
  • Europe/Sarajevo 
  • Europe/Skopje
  • Europe/Stockholm
  • Europe/Tirane 
  • Europe/Vaduz 
  • Europe/Vatican
  • Europe/Vienna
  • Europe/Warsaw
  • Europe/Zagreb 
  • Europe/Zurich 
  • Pacific/Guam - Guam Standard Time, GST
  • Pacific/Honolulu - Hawaii Standard Time, HST
  • Pacific/Auckland - New Zealand Standard Time, NZST
  • Etc/GMT - Greenwich Mean Time, GMT
  • Etc/UTC - Universal Time Coordinated, UTC
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