Add Locations to Lot Descriptions in Proxibid

Adding locations to Lot Descriptions is helpful when items needed to be picked up at different locations and those locations need to be visible to Proxibid bidders. This article describes how different locations can be added to lots in Wavebid so that they appear in the Lot Description once exported to Proxibid.

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Add Locations to Lots

First, the location information will need to be added to the lots (if it has not already been done).

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Auction > Edit Settings.
  2. Under the Auction Attributes tab (or Adv. Attribute Settings tab), check the box to the right of the List Item Locations Per Lot attribute.
  3. Click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to save.
  4. Use the Lot Bulk Actions page in Wavebid to add locations to the necessary lots. For more information, see Lot Bulk Actions. AddLoctoLots4.jpg


Preparing a Spreadsheet

Once the locations have been added to the lots in Wavebid, a spreadsheet will need to be created. This spreadsheet can be created from an original catalog import, an export of the catalog, or by downloading a .CSV copy of the Auction Preview.

The spreadsheet should contain the Lot Number, Lot Description, and Location columns. No other columns are needed. The spreadsheet will need to be saved as a .CSV (comma-separated value) file type. 



Uploading a Spreadsheet

Once the spreadsheet has been saved, it can be imported into Wavebid. 

When mapping columns during the import, the Description and Location columns should both be mapped to the Wavebid Description column header. The Append to Previous box to the right of the Location column must also be checked. 


It is only necessary to map the Lot Number, Lot Description, and Location columns. No other columns need to be mapped at this time. For more information on mapping columns, see Importing Catalogs.

Once the import is complete, click the Preview Auction button to confirm changes appear as desired. The catalog can then be exported to Proxibid.

For more information on using Wavebid to merge columns/fields, see Merge Spreadsheet Columns in Wavebid.


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