Marketing Tasks

This article describes the process for using Marketing Tasks to push Wavebid content to outside marketing sites.

Running a Task


Running a Task                                                                                         

Marketing Tasks are used to push Wavebid auction content to outside marketing sites such as AuctionZip or a company website. For information on setting up Wavebid to link to an outside marketing site, see the Marketing Guide.

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Marketing > Tasks.
  2. From the Marketing Tasks page, click the Add New Task link under the desired task type (Online, Newspaper, Trade Journal, Direct Mail, Other).
    • For example, to post an auction to Facebook, click the Add New Task link under the Online section. Please note that a user will need to link their Wavebid account with Facebook prior to being able to post an auction to Facebook via Marketing Task.
    • For the Wavebid Plugin, click the Add New Task link under the Online section.MarketingTasksPage.PNG
  3. A pop-up window will open. Select a task from the Task Type drop-down.
    • For Craigslist, select Email.
    • For the Wavebid Plugin, select AuctionServices: AS4 Tools.             MarketingTaskdropdown.PNG
  4. New fields will appear. The fields that appear vary depending on the type of task selected. MarketingTaskFacebook_-_Copy.PNG
  5. Enter a Name for the task (ex. “Post Facebook reminder about auction”).
  6. Click in the Date field and use the Calendar pop-up to select a date for the task to be performed.
    • The Hour and Minute switches can also be used to select a time.
    • Click the Now button to have the task run immediately.
    • Click the Done button once the date and time have been selected.
  7. Complete the remaining fields as needed. Hover over the Information icon (i) next to the field to learn more about it.
    • For the Wavebid Plugin, select Wavebid Plugin from the Tools drop-down.
  8. Click the Save button. The task will appear on the Marketing Tasks page. MarketingTask1.jpg 
    • Once the task is complete, 'Done' will appear in the Status column.
    • If any errors were encountered, they will appear in the Result column.
    • To remove a task from the list, click the X to the left of the task. Deleting the task will not undo the task.

To automatically schedule Marketing Tasks, see the Company Task Setup section of the Marketing article.


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