Wavebid Plugin: Website Transfer FAQ's

What is included in my website archive?

Your archive contains files needed to get your site up and running. The archive contains:

  • DNS records
  • Website files
  • Database backup


What do I do with my website archive?

 Send the archive to your new provider so they can use it to migrate your site.


How do I get my DNS records/zone file?

Your website archive will contain either the zone file or a copy of the DNS records. After extracting your archive, look in the DNS folder.


What do I do with my DNS records?

Your new provider might need your DNS records to migrate your site. Please check with them to see if your DNS records are needed.


How do I get my domain?

We will work with you to transfer your domain(s) into your account. We currently manage your domain(s) in GoDaddy, so we recommend transferring the domain from our account into your GoDaddy account. This is recommend because you will not incur any domain transfer fees.

If you choose not to use GoDaddy as your registrar, you must initiate the domain transfer from your end, through your registrar of choice. You will incur a domain transfer fee per domain. The fees vary depending on the registrar you are using.


How do I transfer my domain(s) into my GoDaddy account?

If you don't have a GoDaddy account yet, please create an account following their guide at

Send us your email address that is linked to your GoDaddy account. We will start the process to transfer the domain(s) over to you. You must accept the transfer request by following GoDaddy's guide at


How do I transfer my domains to my preferred registrar that is not GoDaddy?

This process will vary depending on your registrar. Please check with them for further instructions.


I don't have a web hosting provider in mind yet, who do you recommend?

A managed WordPress hosting provider like Flywheel ( is what we recommend. They offer free website migrations. For more details please see


I don't remember my WordPress login credentials to my website, what do I do?

You will need to reset your password using the "Lost your password?" link on your website's WordPress login screen. For more details please follow see the first section of this guide


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