Auction Services: Publishing Auctions

Publishing Auction and Lot Details

Exporting to Proxibid



Publishing Auction and Lot Details ____________                                   

Each auction to be published needs to exist as a workspace in Wavebid. It does not matter if you only configure the options available in Auction Settings, as long as the workspace is saved to the database. The information stored will be published to the Auction Services WordPress site.

For this, we need to create a Marketing Task

  1. Create an auction
    • Publishing a new or updated auctions to your Auction Services WordPress site requires that the auction Visibility is set to Public. AuctionVisibility.png
  2. Choose event software
    • The AS 4 plugin works with both Proxibid or Universal auction software in Wavebid.
  3. From the Dashboard, go to your auction workspace, then to Marketing > Tasks.
  4. In the Online section, click Add New Task.
  5. A window will now pop-up:
    • What type of task do you want to add?: Select AuctionServices: AS4 Tools. MarketingTask.png
    • Task Name: Can be anything you want, most people pick "Publish to Auction Services".
    • Date: When the task should happen.
    • Auction Services: Choose the external account Auction Services account that will be used for publishing. This will be whatever the alias is set to for that partner under Wavebid Company > Marketing > Available AuctionServices: AS4 Tools Accounts. 
      • NOTE - This can vary by client            AS4Tools.png                                                      
      • Alias.png
  6. Once you're satisfied with the settings, click Save.

At the specified date and time, the Task will run and Wavebid will publish the information to the Auction Services WordPress site. 



Exporting to Proxibid                                                                               

  • Exporting will automatically trigger an online marketing task and will link the event and lots to the PXB marketplace via (ex. Register to Bid and Bid Now CTAs). 
    • Requires the selection of Proxibid Auction Software. 
    • Lots that were not published to your Auction Services WordPress site via export to Proxibid (ie Online Marketing Task) will not display the lot level links to the Proxibid marketplace. 



  • Publishing from Wavebid to an Auction Services WordPress site does happen immediately following the completion of the Online Marketing task but user may be subject to caching
  • Wavebid Auction Software is limited to Proxibid and Universal (non PXB marketplace customer required to us Universal auction software)
    • IMPORTANT - The AS4 plugin and Wavebid Export functionality is intended for the PXB auction software only. 
    • IMPORTANT - Other auction software types should NOT be exported using the AS4 & WordPress implementation - Doing so can result in broken Register to Bid and Bid Now CTAs. 
  • Event visibility requires Public setting to enable Publishing via Online Marketing Task (PoweredBy & Auction Services) or Export to PXB.
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