Auction Services: Publishing Auctions

This article describes the process for publishing a Wavebid auction and catalog on a WordPress (AS4) website.

Publishing Auction and Lot Details

Exporting to Proxibid


Publishing Auction and Lot Details                                                          


An auction must be created prior to publishing to a site. The auction's visibility must be set to Public, and the software must either be Proxibid or Universal. To change/confirm auction software, navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Auction > Edit Settings. Under the Auction Attributes tab, select Universal or Proxibid from the Auction Software drop-down. AuctionSoftware.PNG

To change/confirm visibility, select Public from the Visibility drop-down on the Edit Auction page, and then click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to Save.

  • If the Visibility is set to Private, changes made to the auction in Wavebid will not be reflected on the website.


Creating a Marketing Task

Once the auction is public, a Marketing Task will need to be created to publish changes from Wavebid to the website.

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Marketing > Tasks.
  2. Click the Add New Task link located under the Online section. A pop-up window will open. AddNewTaskLink.PNG

  3. Select Auction Services: AS4 Tools from the Type drop-down. TypeDropDown.PNG

  4. Enter a name into the Task Name field. This name will not be visible anywhere on the website and is just used to differentiate various tasks internally.

  5. Click in the Date field and use the Calendar tool to select a future date and time to push the task from Wavebid to the website. To push the task immediately, click the Now button. Once the date and time are set, click the Done button to close the Calendar tool. TaskCalendarDoneButton.PNG

  6. Select the site from the Tools drop-down and click the Save button. SiteDropDown.PNG


  7. The task should now appear under the Online section of the Tasks tab. If any changes are made to the catalog in Wavebid, a new Marketing Task will need to be run in order for those changes to be pushed to the website. Tasks can take up to one hour to appear on the website. If the changes are not reflected on the site within an hour of running the task, please clear cache on the site, close the browser, and view the site again.


Exporting to Proxibid                                                                               

Exporting an auction from Wavebid to Proxibid will automatically trigger an online Marketing Task in addition to sending the event and lots to the Proxibid marketplace.

    • Lots that are not published to the website via export to Proxibid, will not display the lot level links to the Proxibid marketplace.  
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