Create Custom Lot Builder Fields

Wavebid allows for the creation of custom fields for building and managing lots. Custom lot fields created under Company Level Lot Attributes will appear on the Lot Builder page on any auction for which they are enabled. This article describes the process of creating and enabling custom lot fields, and shows how those custom fields will appear in Lot Builder.

Create Custom Lot Fields

Enable Custom Lot Fields


Create Custom Lot Fields                                                                         

  1. Navigate to My links > Company > Profile.
  2. Click on the Lot Attributes  tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.                                                                                                                       CompanyLevelLotAttributesTab.JPG
  3. Information entered into the Company 1-5 rows will appear as customized fields displayed on each lot. The text entered in the Company fields will be the labels for each of the customized fields.                                                                                           CustomLotFields.JPG
  4. The drop-down menu to the right determines the type of field:
      • Check Box - Adds a check box that can be checked to each lot (ex. Yes/No, On/Off). The text in the Company field will be the label for the check box. CustomLotFieldsCheckbox.JPG
      • Select- Adds a drop-down menu. Enter the drop-down menu options in the field to the right, separated by commas. If the Input must be in this list box is checked, Lot Builder will reject any options that are not listed. CustomLotFieldsSelect2.JPG
      • Text- Adds an open text box designed for smaller amounts of text. CustomLotFieldsText.JPG
      • Text Area- Adds an open text box designed for larger amounts of text. CustomLotFieldsTextArea.JPG                                                   
  5. The text entered into the Default field will be the default selection for that custom field. Lot Builder will default to this selection unless a new selection is made. Using the example below, the default for the Size drop-down is 1, and it will remain as 1 unless a new selection is made from the drop-down.                                          CustomLotFieldsSelect3.JPG
  6. Click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to save.


Enable Custom Lot Fields                                                                         

Custom fields can be enabled on any auction using the Universal format. To enable custom fields:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate auction on the Dashboard and then select Auction > Edit Settings. AuctionEditSettingsMenu.JPG
  2. Click on the Adv. Attribute Settings tab. AdvancedAuctionSettingsTab.JPG
  3. Check the Show Company Defined Values box and then check the box next to each custom field to appear on the lots.                                              CustomLotFieldsEnabling.JPG
  4. Click the Disk icon in the top right corner to save changes.
  5. Once enabled and saved, these custom fields will appear under the Lot Details tab on the Lot Builder page.                                                  LotBuilderLotDetailsTab.JPG


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