Auction Services: Hosting Video

The Wavebid i3 and AS4 plugins offers users the ability to show an embedded video on a site's Auction Details page by adding the video's embed code. This article describes the process for posting videos on i3 and AS4 sites.

Adding Videos


Adding Videos                                                                                         

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Auction > Edit Settings.
  2. Click on the Marketing Info tab.
  3. Click in the Marketing Content field to open the text editor.
  4. On the top left corner of the panel, click on the Source button to open the HTML editor. i3HostingVideo.PNG
  5. Paste the embed code obtained from YouTube into the Marketing Content field. Do not make any changes to the embed code unless the impact is known.
  6. Click the Source button again.
  7.  Click the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to Save.

Wavebid will immediately make the new content available for i3 and AS4 to find, and web site visitors should be able to view the content within ten minutes.

Depending on the syndication template selected, the video content may not be shown on a site even if it was added to the correct location within Wavebid. Contact for additional assistance. 

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