This article describes the process for linking a Wavebid account to a LiveAuctioneers account, exporting auctions from Wavebid to LiveAuctioneers, and importing post sale data back into Wavebid.

Warning: The lots from an auction can be exported to LiveAuctioneers only once, updating existing lots is not available at this time. Please ensure the auction contains all relevant data and pictures before exporting.

Linking an Account

Configuring an Auction

Exporting an Auction

Importing Sale Data


Linking an Account                                                                                  

First, you will need to contact LiveAuctioneers to configure your account for the integration. You will need two pieces of information that they will provide:

  • House ID
  • API Key/Token

Then you will need to contact us, providing the information above and request that the option to export to LiveAuctioneers be added to your company profile. One of our Administrators will get everything set up on your profile, which will typically take 2-3 business days. You will only have to do this once, and your account will be linked from that point forward


Configuring Bid Increment & Buyer's Premium 

After the request to link the Wavebid account with LiveAuctioneers, the account should be able to create an auction to be exported. However, you will need to configure custom Bid Increments and Buyer Premium tiers.

Bid Increment:

A bid increment configuration needs to be added to your company. To access the Bid Increments page, open My Links > Company > Accounting Settings > Bid Increments. Once access to the Bid Increments page has been obtained, create a configuration with exactly 10 bid increments. The first bid needs to start at zero (0) for the save to be successful, the example below represents a valid bid increment configuration:



Buyers Premium

A buyer's premium also needs to be setup for your company, this is not specific for Live Auctioneers.  This can be accessed through My Links > Company > Accounting Settings > Scales > Buyer's Premium.  Setup up to 3 Buyers Premium tiers.


NOTE: Using the example above, this is how it will display on Live Auctioneers website. 


Please ensure you do not create a Buyers Premium higher than what is allowed on your Live Auctioneers account.

Once a valid bid increment configuration and a valid buyer's premium exists the process can continue.  You may only need to do this step once if you don't want these settings to change for future auctions.


Configuring an Auction                                                                            

When you create an auction, the option to set "Live Auctioneers" as your software on the Create Auction page should be enabled and the account will be linked automatically. As you create your auction do not click the save button until all required fields are completed across all tabs.


Auction Attributes Required Fields:

  • Auction Software = Live Auctioneers
  • Start Date & Time
    • NOTE: Auction start date must be at least 2 days in the future.
  • Type Of Auction

You must have your auction created in Live Auctioneer and get your Auction ID from your auction URL.  Call Wavebid to enter in the Existing External Id.




The Adv. Attribute Settings tab contains other fields required by Live Auctioneers. Populate the form with your auction specific information and ensure the following fields are populated:

  • Low Estimate & Default Value
  • High Estimate & Default Value
    • NOTE: Must be greater than low estimate
  • Listing Plan
  • Content Option
  • Payment Option
  • Payment Methods
    • Two values are needed, if only one is selected a second one will be automatically added.


Also, the Marketing Info tab contains fields required by Live Auctioneers. The following are the required fields:

  • Simple Description
  • Preview Notes
  • Payment Info
  • Terms and Conditions

Depending on the type of auction you are running you may also need to select the appropriate Buyers Premium and Bid Increment from the Accounting Tab.   If you select Auction Type online and Listing Plan Online Seller, the auction create will fail because of the buyer's premium. 

Live Auctioneers supports a Sliding Scale or Cumulative Sliding Scale BP.  You can select the custom buyers premium scale you created in Step 2 from this page.  In addition the custom Bid Increment table should be selected here as well.


You are now ready to save the auction. 

If it was successful you should receive a success message.  Note that the auction information is live to the public immediately.

It's important to note that the Live Auctioneers does not support an auction location other than the location that is associated with our Live Auctioneers account.


Exporting an Auction                                                                               

The auction export is the same as other auctions. Once you have added all the lots, images, descriptions, high/low estimates to all of your lots, you'll be ready to export your auction.  Up to 3 lots can tagged as Cover lots for your Auction.  Use the Lot Rank field and select "Highlight" on up to 3 lots you want as the cover lots. If a lot does not contain a Low/High estimate it will default to $1/$2 respectively.  Live Auctioneers will not accept more than 20 images per lot, if your lot contains more than 20 images the additional images will not be displayed in your Live Auctioneers auction.

The export page can be accessed via the Auction > Export Auction menu. It's important to note that since LiveAuctioneers only supports the creation of lots and not updating lots, that future changes in Wavebid will not be reflected in LiveAuctioneers. The auction export will communicate with LiveAuctioneers and transfer all of the data and pictures.  If you do export multiple times, NEW lots will be pushed over to LiveAuctioneers.


  1. Title/Name Lot
    • A lot title may only contain 55 characters.  Titles longer than that will be restricted to 55 characters during the export process.  Only 55 characters will be sent to Live Auctioneers.

 Navigate to LiveAuctioneers and login. You should see your auction listed.


Import Sale Data                                                                                      

Once your auction is completed the auction results can be imported from LiveAuctioneers. The import of information is done in two different steps. The sale information import can be executed by accessing the following option, Current Auction > Accounting > Import Sale Info (auto). The action will produce a new page where any errors will be listed or a message stating the number of lots imported.  Expected Sale info will include which lots were sold to online bidders at the amount.

The buyer information import will be executed by accessing the Current Auction > Accounting > Import Buyer Info (auto). The same result should be expected, an error message page or a number of buyers imported.  The expected buyer information will include contact information about the bidder necessary to send them an invoice for the lots they purchased.

Once these two imports have completed successfully, you can navigate to the Invoices section to invoice the online bidders.

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