EstateSales.Net allows users to market auctions and inventory without manually loading catalogs and images. This article describes the process of configuring Wavebid and integrating an auction for marketing on 

Linking an Account

Creating a Marketing Task

Special Considerations


Linking an Account                                                                                  

The linking process itself only needs to be done once. 

The fastest way to link Wavebid to is to have both the GAP Toolbox and Wavebid open in separate browser windows and switch back and forth.


EstateSales.Net Configuration

Three pieces of data are needed to configure the account. They can be found by logging into mceclip0.png

  • Username: The username used to login to the platform, usually an email address.
  • API Key: This is the application password Wavebid will use to establish a connection directly to the remote servers. If one has not already been created, please visit the API page here (
      • Click Add New Key
      • Enter a name for the key, such as "Wavebid", and click Save this Key.
      • Keep the web page open until the Wavebid configuration process has been completed and publishing has been tested, at which point, click I’ve Copied It.
  • Organization ID: The company’s account number. Locate by visiting the Company Settings page. It will follow the Company Settings title and will be formatted as #000000.

Wavebid Configuration

Once the three pieces of information above have been obtained, log into Wavebid.

  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to My Links > Company > Partner Management.
  2. Click on the Marketing tab.
  3. Click on the Add Account link.
  4. Enter the Scope of the account:
    • Company Wide: All the users of a company will be able to publish using this account.
    • User Only: Only the current Wavebid user will be able to publish using this account. Other Wavebid users will need to configure their own account.
  5. Enter the Username.
  6. Enter the API key.
  7. Enter the Organization ID. The pound sign (#) is not needed.
  8. Click the Save button.


Creating a Marketing Task                                                                       

  1. Navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Marketing > Tasks.

  2. In the Online section, click Add New Task.

  3. A pop-up window will open:

    • What type of task do you want to add?: Select

    • Task Name: Can be anything, such as “”.

    • Date: When the task should occur. Keep in mind, Wavebid will not run the task automatically.

    • Select the external account to publish to. More than one account may be listed, depending on the Scope chosen for them.

    • Publish to Checking this box will make the auction live on the site. The default is for this option to be enabled. If the box is not checked, the post will be deleted and the auction will not be exported to

    • Auto pay balance?: As there is a fee when posting auctions with more than one hundred pictures, Wavebid can automatically have charge a company's credit card on file to cover the charge. This option will need to be selected to use the integration properly.

      • If this box is not checked, the auction will be published IF the user's account does not have an outstanding balance and the auction being published does not have more than 100 images. If the user does have an outstanding balance the auction data will be sent, but will not be published.
      • If the box is checked, and the user's account has an outstanding balance, or their auction has more than 100 images, they will be automatically charged and the auction will be published. If the user does not have a payment account set up, the auction data will be sent but will not be published.


Special Considerations                                                                             

Required Auction Properties

  • Auction Address (an error is generated if not found)
  • Auction Postal Code (an error is generated if not found)
  • Auction Name (an error is generated if not found)
  • Auction Description (becomes "TBD" if not found)
  • Auction Directions (becomes "TBD" if not found)
  • Auction Terms (becomes "TBD" if not found)
  • Auction Type (becomes "ONLINE" if not found)
  • Auction Start Date (an error is generated if not found)
  • Auction End Date (becomes the exact same date and time as the end date if not found)

Auction Date Rules

  •  The auction's End Date cannot be more than 10 calendar days from the Start Date.



Unable to export sale or Server Response=400

EstateSalesError.JPG will not accept exports of online auctions that also contain a physical address. However, Wavebid requires that a physical address be entered for all auctions. To correct the error, navigate to the applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Auction > Edit Settings. Select either Live or Simulcast from the Type of Auction drop-down and then click on the Disk icon in the top right corner of the page to Save. Create another Marketing Task to send to



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