Importing Bidders and Sellers

Wavebid recognizes both Sellers and Buyers as Customers, since they are all part of a company's clientele. Most of the time a customer will only be selling (consigning) in a sale, or buying (bidding) in a sale, but there are occasions in which the same person will be both selling and buying at your auction. Wavebid's flexibility lets a company work with either situation. This article describes the process for importing bidder and seller data into Wavebid from an outside source.

Getting Started

Online Bidders


Company Person Attributes


Getting Started                                                                                       

An auction will be needed:

  • A new auction can be created specifically for the purpose of importing customer lists.
  • An old auction that is no longer active in accounting can be used.
  • The training sale that was created during Wavebid training sessions can be used.

Spreadsheets must contain a First Name column and a separate Last Name column. For bidders, there should also be a Bidder Number column (containing the paddle number).

The following columns are recommended, but not required:

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email

To allow Wavebid to charge an additional Buyer's Premium for bidders who participated in a sale online, an additional column must be included in the spreadsheet. See the information below regarding adding Online Bidders.


Duplicate Customers

When a new or existing personal record (ex. bidders or sellers) is being saved, Wavebid automatically checks the database for matching persons. If two personal records match, Wavebid will merge them into one record to avoid duplicates. For more information, see the Duplicate Customer Records section under Wavebid Basics.


Online Bidders                                                                                          

  1. On the spreadsheet, scroll right to the end of the columns to the first empty column available.
  2. Add a header to the column that says "Online". OnlineBidder2.PNG
  3. Type a "1" in the first row under the Online header.
  4. Drag the corner of the box down for all of the online bidders in the list. OnlineBidder3.PNG
  5. This should give all of the bidders the value of 1 in the Online column. OnlineBidder4.PNG
  6. Save the changes to this spreadsheet.


The spreadsheet can now be imported into the system. Verify that the online tab is mapped correctly on the import page in Wavebid. It should be mapped to "Online."



  1. Navigate to applicable auction from the Dashboard, then select Accounting>Import Buyers.
  2. Select the spreadsheet file containing the customer information. CSV file is the recommended file format.
    • Use the Delimiter to match format of import file, use the check box to adjust for header row.
  3. Wavebid automatically attempts to match column mapping. To map empty fields, drag and drop the appropriate field from the Wavebid Headers panel on the right-hand side, but make sure to leave the Bidder Number field blank in the event it was mapped.
  4. Click Import to have the data written to the database.
  5. When the import process is complete, a Person Import Results page will appear to confirm success. Importing the information this way will prevent the data from being used in the sale but will make it available in all of the other auctions. Then, the process becomes just checking-in customers as sellers:
    • Auction > Sellers if sellers are going to be checked into the auction before the catalog process is started.
    • Accounting > Sellers if cataloging is complete and Seller Codes need to be matched to a Customer. Enable Seller Processing for the auction by clicking on the Play button (arrow) in the top right corner of the page, if it has not been done previously.


Company Person Attributes                                                                     

Company Person Attributes allows additional fields to be added that aren't standard within Wavebid. It can be accessed via My Links > Company > Customers > Company Person Attributes. This allows tracking of other fields that users may want to include on a user's profile. There are several types of custom fields that can be created. If buyer's information is being imported and needs to be mapped to the custom fields that were created in Wavebid, here are some notes for the specific field types that can be created:

  • Checkbox:  In the file, ensure that the column indicates the values true or false. This is case sensitive, so ensure it's all lowercase.
  • Multi-Select: In the file, ensure that the values within the column indicate the multi-select fields are separated by commas with NO spaces. Example: If fields were configured in Wavebid to have a multi-select field such as: Helicopters, Vehicles, Boats, Airplanes. During import, to add to 3 of them, the file value will need to look something like:  Helicopters,Vehicles,Boats   (separated by commas, with no spaces).

While importing Company Profile Attributes, re-importing the same buyer the NEW data will override any existing data. 

For more information, see Customer Segments.


 * Important Notes About Mapping To Specific Countries *

Wavebid supports the ISO 3166 standard. Any of the following country code methods can be used within the file.

– ISO 3166 –
2letter code,
3letter code,
numeric code,

Full name


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