Wavebid connects with a user's TractorZoom account to allow a catalog and photos to be synched without manual loading. This article describes the process for linking Wavebid to TractorZoom and creating a marketing task. 

Linking an Account

Create a Marketing Task

Linking an Account                                                                                  

NOTE: Linking only needs to be done the first time. You will need to have your Company Administrator. 

TractorZoom Configuration

Log in to the Tractorzoom account. From inside the TractorZoom account:

  1. Click the Connect button in the Wavebid Integration section of the Auctioneer Portal. The Wavebid site will open.
    • Sign into Wavebid.
    • Click Authorize to allow TractorZoom the ability to read and write data to Wavebid.mceclip0.png
    • Click Copy to copy the TractorZoom Company Id provided.
    • Click Go to Wavebid to complete configuration.


Wavebid Configuration

  1. From Wavebid, go to My Links > Company > Partner Management
  2. Select the Marketing tab.
  3. Click Add TractorZoom Account
    1. Select the Scope:
      • Company Wide: All the users of a company will be able to publish using this account.
      • User Only: Only the current Wavebid user will be able to publish using this account and other Wavebid users will need to configure their own account.
  4. Paste the copied TractorZoom Company Id into the field and click Save.


Create a Marketing Task                                                                         

  1. In you Dashboard, go to your auction workspace and select Marketing > Tasks.

  2. In the Online section, click Add New Task.

  3. A window will now pop-up:

      • What type of task do you want to add?:
        • Select TractorZoom
      • Task Name
        • Can be anything you want, most people pick TractorZoom
      • Date
        • When the task should happen.
        • Please keep in mind Wavebid will not run the task automatically.
      • TractorZoom: Choose External Account
        • Select the appropriate account to push from
        • Most users will only have one option. 
  4. Click Save



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